[Kmymoney] Problem with automatic assignment of imported transactions

Stefan Seide bugs-debian at seide.st
Mon Sep 5 20:04:47 UTC 2011


i have an problem with the automatic assignment of transactions imported via 
HBCI. Most transactions are assigned correctly and transactions with a wrong 
assignment can be reverted by not accepting this assignment (press button 

However - some transactions are choosen as being investment transactions. Then 
an additional transaction is inserted into the investment account to buy/sell 
shares/dividends. Whenever this happens I cannot reject this automatic 
assignment. Only the buttons "accept" and "delete" are clickable.

How do i reject this assignment without deleting the transaction? How do i 
prevent this false assignment to happen to investment accounts?

I am using kmymoney 4.5.3 (debian sid).

Stefan Seide

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