[Kmymoney] unable to use Aqbanking with KMM

Michael Berger idest at online.de
Mon Sep 5 15:47:24 UTC 2011

Hi Thomas,
sorry to bother you once more on the subject. But after having followed all 
the advice of you and other good people I have come just as far as I was when 
starting to ask for help.

KMM 4.5, KDE 4.6, openSUSE 14.4
My Bank: Volksbank Mittelhessen eG

I attach two screen shots.
Getting the Certificate looks to be working.
But "Get account(s)" does not - nothing happens at all.

The expert in charge with Volksbank Mittelhessen can trace all my attempts and 
finds that everything on his end looks just as it should.
He keeps telling me that as long as I am not using the method Smart TAN Plus 
with numbers either 962 or 972 this will fail.
Meanwhile I tend to believe him (but then, how come it works with Thomas who 
uses the same Bank? Thomas, Martin, I did everything you advised me to do). 

Is somebody out there facing the same difficulties with that very Bank?
The Bank's expert never came across KMM and thus is unable to help. But if he 
is right, how can I make KMM use Smart TAN Plus 962/972?


Michael Berger
Im Borngrund 7a
35606 Solms-Oberndorf
Fon: +49 6442 706509
Fax: +49 6442 200917
idest at online.de
Registered Linux User 520453
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