[Kmymoney] Get rid of date/time group headers

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Sat Sep 3 08:55:03 UTC 2011


on Saturday 03 September 2011 10:43:42 timothy wrote:

> Hi
> I am running KMM 4.6.0 on KDE 4.6.2 on Ubuntu Natty
> How do I remove the 'This Week', 'This Month', 'Previous Month' etc
> group headers without removing the headers for different investments in
> the same account. It seems that the investments headers and the
> date/time headers are both on or off when selecting "Show group headers
> between transactions" in the KMM settings.

Depending on the sort order these headers are displayed. I wonder what your 
setting is and how your environment looks like that you see both.

Yes, there's only a global switch to either show them or not.

> Strangely my Cheque account does not have any date/time headers.

Again, headers displayed depend on the primary sort key for that account. To 
show the date headers it must be based on a date.

Hope that helps.



Thomas Baumgart

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