[Kmymoney] Can't create new file on network drive

Allan agander93 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 23:23:11 UTC 2011

On 30/11/11 22:02, Jeff Barlow wrote:
> On 11/30/2011 1:42 PM, Allan wrote:
>> When you say "I then moved it to the file server..." is that actually
>> what you did? That sounds a bit like a tmp file name.
> I moved it (drag & drop) with Dolphin.
>> Now you've created a local file, you should be able within KMM to save
>> to smb. Can you try that? That ought to have the actual name you choose.
> I did a save-as to the server. Sure enough, it complained that it
> already existed. However, now the path looks right. Huh?
> As a first time user, having to use awkward an work-around just to get
> the initial file created makes we wonder about trusting my financial
> info to something apparently so poorly tested. Am I using a beta
> version? (4.6.0)

Jeff, there will always be bugs.  It possibly the case that you are the 
first to attempt to start a new file on a non-local file.  Would you 
care to open a bug on https://bugs.kde.org ?

(4.6.0) is not a beta, but a stable release, and (4.6.1) is the latest 
stable release, and includes several bug fixes.

I've been using KMM for several years now and have never lost any data.


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