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Mon Mar 15 00:58:00 GMT 2021


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All right, I just found something interesting (another)...

While using the MySQL data, account starting balance is $1581.60 (wrongly so). 
I SAVE AS to a local XML (.kmy) file, reopen the saved file and boom, the
starting balance is back at 0 like it should be (of course the missing
transactions are still missing but at least the balances are normal now).

Here's what I did: Worked from the local XML file (.kmy), fixed the data
(re-added the transactions), then saved and re-imported into MySQL.  All is
finally good now.

There's definitely a bug or some corruption going on otherwise why simply
saving the MySQL data to a local file would change the account balance??? 
Doesn't seem right to me.

Good to know neither KMM or MySQL are limited (at least at my usage level)...

@Brendan:  Yes I was also thinking I had never entered these transactions but
when I discovered today's balance were good, I started digging until I realized
the opening balance was "artificially" increased... Doing a save-as fixed it...
 Definitely not self-borkage... 

I haven't encountered an occurence where KMM would ask me to adjust an opening
balance, and since the missing transactions were pretty much all dated around
last september (with some that were present during that period), I would
perhaps remember...

@Jack:  What I have observed is something like this:

"Corrupted dataset":
Date             Details                         Payment    Deposit     
2015-04-07-------Deposit from blablabla----------       ----

"Good dataset":
Date             Details                         Payment    Deposit     
2015-04-07-------Deposit from blablabla----------       ---- 100.00------100.00

On the corrupted dataset, as you can see, the opening balance was 1,581.60 for
the balance to be 1,681.60 AFTER the first transaction (deposit of 100). 
Obviously, this acccount was opened with a ZERO balance, as shown by the "Good

What Brendan talks about (KMM asking to adjust the balance) could have happened
and could explain what happened, but in these missing transactions, there was a
mortgage payment, a utility bill and other transactions I religiously track....

Anyways, I'm not sure what to do now this is fixed, but obviously, I will make
more frequent backups, and since I discovered these missing transactions
several months after their posted dates, what worries me is to backup my
dataset thinking it is GOOD but in fact its missing data again.

IMO KMM needs auditing features, more than the Consistency Check which I'm not
really sure what it does...

Okay enough for today, I need fresh air ;)

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