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I have about 22K transactions and about 48k splits.  The only real limit would
be if your PC didn't have enough memory for KMM to store all the data in
memory, but swap space would take care of that, perhaps with a performance hit.
 I also don't think mySql is adding any limitations.

Yes - I meant the "Opening balances" account, but you've looked and not found
anything of interest.  However, are you saying that your checking account
started with a 0 balance, then a transaction for $100 and the same balance, and
then the balance changed on the next transaction?  What was the transaction
that increased the balance?  Or, do you mean that the second transaction was
for X and the balance increased by X plus that other large amount?  Balances in
the ledger are calculated based on the transactions displayed, so if a balance
changed by an amount different from the shown transaction, there is a problem
there.  If you can identify that transaction in your file, look to see if there
are any strange splits.  You can also right click on the transaction in the
ledger to see if it shows "Go to ..." for anything other than the displayed
category and payee, or other account for a transfer.

Your zgrep command looks OK.  Just to confirm it is working right you can try
"zgrep '<TRANSACTION ' KMM.kmy | wc" which should give something close to your
number of transactions.  (note the space after TRANSACTION, otherwise you also
count the closing tags.) You could also just "zgrep '2020-03-02' KMM.kmy" to
see if anything shows up on that date.

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