[kmymoney] [Bug 434376] Ledger missing transactions

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Sun Mar 14 13:25:06 GMT 2021


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Okay I found something interesting.  

I opened 2 backups I made, one on 2019-11-24 the other on 2021-01-12.  Exact
dates don't really matter.  Then I opened the backups side by side with my
actual datafile and started comparing the ledger balances at random dates.  The
balances between the two backup files are always identical, but the balance
from the datafile is always different.  I walked back in time until the opening
of the account on 2015-04-08.  The opening balance is way off.

This is a different problem.  This account was opened with a starting balance
of 0, then an initial transfer of $250 occurred (first transaction ever).  In
the backups, the first non-zero balance is of course $250, but in the datafile,
the balance is $1.681.60 ???????

What's going on here?  Data corruption?

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