[kmymoney] [Bug 434376] Ledger missing transactions

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Sun Mar 14 01:14:00 GMT 2021


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I always confirm the balance matches and all transactions are identical.  I
basically have a clone of my bank's legder...

This may not be related to this problem, but I just discovered that a while
before the missing transaction occurred (lets say 1 month before), the balance
is exactly lower by the same amount as the missing transaction.


KMM's numbers:
--Balance on 2020-09-06: $3730.32
--Balance on 2020-06-08: $2800.95
--Expenses: -$929.37

My bank's ledger:
--Balance on 2020-09-06: $3968.13
--Balance on 2020-06-08: $2800.95
--Expenses: -$1167.18

You'll notice the expenses are 237.81 difference, and the start balances are
also exactly 237.81.  This is why the balances after the 2020-09-08 are correct
but doesnt explain where before the 2020-09-06 things went sideways...

Is it possible a bug caused the start balance of the account to be reduced by
the amount of the missing transaction hence causing the balances thereafter to
be identical...

I will keep searching.

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