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When I reconcile, I simply open up my bank's online account and lok one
transaction at the time and mark them as reconciled in KMM, so usually (read
always) when I am done, the KMM ledger and my bank's are identical with the
same number of transactions, amounts and balances.  Copies basically.

I did not enter adjusting transactions (I'm not even sure what that is) and I
am not using the reconciliation wizard since I manually match each transaction
with my financial institutions.

To reconcile, I start at the last reconciled transaction, then manually
reconcile each one, enter the missing ones, and at the end, the ledgers are

I did search for the missing transactions.  For example the first missing one
from Sept-07 2020 was in the amount of $237.81 which is not found using the
"Find transaction" search tool.  Looking at the payee's transactions (under
payee, I see all transactions, except of course the missing one).

This missing transaction is my bi-monthly utility bill, so its pretty easy to
spot a missing transactions since this occurs 6x per year.

Like I said, the balance always matched, even prior to 2020-09-07.  I've been
using KMM since 2008, never had issues of that sort. Its so weird I was
starting to wonder if I was losing it ;)

I will keep digign up and I will upload a small picture to help visualize what

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