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--- Comment #1 from Jack <ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net> ---
It is very strange that your balance does not match the bank statement prior to
September, but it does match now.  Did you add some adjusting transaction to
make it reconcile?  When you reconcile, do you check both the starting and
ending balance for the period you are reconciling?  When you reconcile, do you
check all transactions, or just the final balance?

In terms of your missing transactions, have you searched for them by amount or
payee, just to see if they might be entered with the wrong date?

When you day the account does not match the statements prior to 07 September,
did it ever match?

My approach would be to check the ledger balance at the end of every statement.
 If the most recent statement matches, then work your way backwards until the
most recent that does not match.  Then check every transaction in the following
statement - because if the transactions in KMM match all the ones on the
statement, then the balances at the beginning and end of that period should
either both match or neither match.  That's where I would start looking for
extra or missing transactions.  

Let us know if this leads you to any discoveries.

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