[kmymoney] [Bug 353555] Database backend is much slower than standard kmy format

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Fri Mar 12 18:21:41 GMT 2021


--- Comment #6 from Jack <ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net> ---
First, i don't know why, but I had interpreted the original post as 
claiming that accessing the sqlite database outside of KMM to be slow.  
Normal operations should be the same speed with any back end, possibly 
differing in the time to open or save a data file (see below.).  If the 
OP was actually seeing KMM run much slower with sqlite compared to 
xml/kmy, then that should be tracked down as to the cause, since I don't 
think it should be the case.

KMM does not really use any sql during it's normal operations, no matter 
the back end data store.  Whether xml or sql, it reads the data into 
memory, and only writes it out when you do an explicit file/save (or an 
automatic save.)   In all cases, it wipes the data and writes it all 
from scratch.  (I assume someone will correct me if that's not really 
correct.)  I also don't think KMM uses any indexes, and it uses the same 
sql code for sqlite, sqlcipher, mysql (which works for mariadb), and 
postgresql, with some specific tweaks where the differences matter.

As far as I know, the only real documentation of the database layout is 
in the code for creating the tables.

Note that there have been multiple discussions over the years of whether 
KMM should move to exclusively use an sql back end and which one, and 
whether it's use of sql should be "live" instead of only on save.  
However, I don't think any changes in those areas are likely in the near 
to mid term.


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