[kmymoney] [Bug 353555] Database backend is much slower than standard kmy format

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I am a DBA by profession but have never looked at the KMY database set up. If
the queries are doing push-down optimization, I would expect the database to
respond quickly. Indexes should be examined to make sure they are set up for
the right column per the queries. The hard part is that when you give 100
people access to query however they want, they will come up with 100 different
way to query. You can't really optimize for everyone. You have to optimize for
a few usage patterns. 

Perhaps if there is documentation that specifies which columns are indexed,
users could tune their queries to leverage those indexes. If using a database
without indexes, usually they have other objects to help optimize, like
zonemaps for Netezza or synopsis tables for DB2. 

It makes sense to me that if the code parsed the xml file and loaded it into
memory in its own structure, that will be much faster to access than any
database. However, depending on how data sets are being joined or searched, the
database call may be faster still since it is optimized to do those joins. 

Is there documentation for KMY on how the database is deploy and what indexes
it creates? 



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