Are Investment Online Price Updates (Ranged) Broken

Joel Madero jmadero at
Tue Mar 2 19:27:48 GMT 2021

On 3/2/21 11:24 AM, Jack wrote:
> On 2021.03.02 00:04, Joel Madero wrote:
>> Just want to figure out if I'm doing something wrong of if the feature
>> is broken.
> Hello  Joel,
> I haven't looked at the code, so I can't say exactly what is supposed
> to happen, but I have never succeeded in pulling any more than the
> single most recent price for any stock, no matter what dates I enter.
> Are you aware you can see all prices KMM has for a given stock? Under
> Tools/Prices, enter a search term for the stock you want (name or
> symbol) and then check the "Show all stored prices" This will show the
> currency, date, price, and source used for each entry.

Ah I think the feature is indeed broken. I wonder if it needs to be
grayed out until it's fixed (or remove ability to do a date range). I
uncompressed my kmy file and looked at the actual code and I'm confident
it's not working. I have very limited entries despite attempts to pull
3+ years worth of data for 20+ investments. I'm actually going to
manually put the data in the uncompressed file and see if it works....

Thanks for the tip about the Tools/Prices, I wasn't aware of that. Is
there a ledger type way that I can quickly put in prices for multiple days?



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