Are Investment Online Price Updates (Ranged) Broken

Joel Madero jmadero at
Tue Mar 2 05:04:59 GMT 2021

Just want to figure out if I'm doing something wrong of if the feature
is broken.

If I do the following:

  * Investments -> Right Click on any Investment -> Online Price Update
    -> Enter a range (I'm entering 17/12/2017 - 01/03/2021). Then I
    click "Ok"

How can I tell if something is actually happening? What is supposed to
actually happen? Is it pulling closing price every day during that
range? If so, I don't think it's working based on a quick report I
generated to see what the value of a stock was between two pretty close
in time dates (where I didn't purchase or sell anything) and there was
no difference in starting or ending value which leads me to think that
the online quotes aren't really pulling any data at all.

Thoughts appreciated. Manually entering values for dozens of investments
over years of trading is going to be very difficult.

Thanks all.


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