KMM compiled from source this morning seems to broken

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Hi Brendan,

On Dienstag, 8. Juni 2021 01:39:05 CEST Brendan Coupe wrote:

> How do I save an anonymized copy? I don't see the option and I haven't
> tried that for many years.

Jack already answered that.

> I keep the last couple of good versions around just in case so no need to
> modify the latest source tree. I have not tried git bisect and I don't have
> any idea what it does.

If something breaks and you know a git version (sha1) that is GOOD and the
current is BAD than you can use git bisect to determine which commit broke it.
This comes in handy if there are many commits between GOOD and BAD.

Here's how it works in general:

a) start git bisect and tell it about the GOOD and BAD sha1's
   git bisect will then checkout a commit in between the two
b) compile the program and check it
c) tell git bisect about the result, GOOD or BAD
   git bisect will then checkout another commit
d) goto b) in case git did not tell you that it found the culprit
e) end the git bisect to go back to the version you came from

The sha1 selected to be checked out is determined based on a binary search.
There are numerous examples on the web how this can be used with many more
options. This should just give you an idea about the general procedure.




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