Plaid, have you heard of it?

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Sun Apr 4 19:12:21 BST 2021

Thanks for checking it out! 

I did not look much into it. I saw it and thought, oh.. it must be
something new. I wonder if the KMY devs have heard of it? 

Figured I would send it to you all. 



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On Sonntag, 4. April 2021 04:40:49 CEST jvapr27 at wrote:

> KMY devs, 
> Have you all heard of this API named PLAID? 

No, and the real docs can be found on

> seems apps like Robinhood and YouNeedABudget (KMY like app). Maybe it
> is something to look into? Another API to interfacing with banks? I
> am
> not sure if it free or not. Have not looked into it much. 

Two statements that are worth noting about this proxy service:


Build on Plaid’s PSD2 platform to securely access clean, categorised
financial data. Whether you’re a fintech or a financial institution,
we’re here to help.

Well, they're on the hunt for businesses, not FLOSS devs/users.


Plaid doesn’t charge you for our services

When you connect your financial accounts to an app like Venmo or Digit,
the app pays us a fee to enable that connection. We don’t charge you
for connecting your accounts.

Information about the 'fee' can be found on

So KMyMoney would have to pay? No way!

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