[kmymoney] [Bug 424544] CSV importer cannot deal with recipient & description in separate(!) columns?

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Sat Nov 14 09:39:22 GMT 2020


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--- Comment #4 from Jens <jens-bugs.kde.org at spamfreemail.de> ---
this bug has not been resolved. The finance software from which I am trying to
import 14 years of family finances spread over 8 accounts has the following
transaction properties:

Usually provided by the bank (FinTS or CSV):
1. Date
2. Payee (eg. "John Doe" or "LIDL SAGT DANKE")
3. Description (e.g. "Dinner" or "LASTSCHRIFT EINZUG EC xxxxx Ref XYYYYY ...")
4. Amount

Usually added manually:
5. Category, hierarchy separated by colons (e.g. "Finances:Bank fees")
6. Comment (e.g. "present for Jane Doe")
7. Tags (e.g. "taxes", "children", etc)

- I cannot import #2(payee) and #3(description) separately since this is a
single field for kMyMoney called "Payee/Description".
- I cannot import both description and comment because kMyMoney only has a
single "Note" field.
- I cannot import tags at all.

Since I have used these features heavily in the past, importing my data into
kMyMoney would cause data loss.
But I think adding these properties (and then being able to sort/filter by
them, both in the list views but also in reports) would make a lot of sense.

Please consider adding these properties.
I'm willing to help finetune and test; I can create my own builds and debug,
I'm just not fluent enough in C++ to fork and start by myself.


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