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> Hi
> In KMyMoney Settings/Holidays, there are an item "Namnsdagar i Sverige". This 
> translates to "Namesdays", i.e. not public holidays. I see that there is 
> numerous other list items like "Helger för xxx (country)" but no "Helger för 
> Sverige" which would make more sense. 
> I would like to start using your nice app, and maybe I can offer to assist in 
> translation to Swedish. I have a good knowledge in finacial matters and 
> terminology, and plenty of time that I would like to use for the best of the 
> Linux community.

Thank you for the hint and your willingness to contribute. Every little
contribution counts.

In KDE translations are not handled by the project and its developers but
by language teams and translators. More information about the process
can be found on , more for the Swedish team on 

> My experience with Linux and development started in the early 1990, and I was 
> an KDE user in the early 2000 before my interests  (and lack of time) forced 
> me to focus on other things. I took up Linux again a couple of years ago, and 
> came back to KDE just a week ago. Boy have it been improved and matured!

Glad all of the work people have put into it impresses you. I have CC'ed the
general i18n mailing list to this message because I did not find a ML for the
Swedish team. There you may receive help in your endeavor of getting started.

Looking forward to some improvement in the Swedish version of KMyMoney :)



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