[kmymoney] [Bug 424775] I will NOT go out to a bank or ANY institution and retrieve any data!, I have USED Quicken for years. I printed the connection data, tested each by hand with a browser. and manually enter all. They all appear nice on the opening screen.watched YouTubea

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--- Comment #4 from Brendan at CoupeWare.com ---
It's not really about offending anyone, it's about asking nicely working better
than your first approach.

The open source programs that you mentioned are all developed by large teams
and I believe many of the developers are paid for their work. KMM is maintained
by a small group of volunteers that are more than willing to help as you can
see if you monitor the developer mailing list. You can learn a lot from reading
the mailing list. You also need to be patient.

I moved to KMM from MS Money 15 years ago. I'm sure I was frustrated at first
and I'm sure KMM was much less feature complete than it is today. It does not
do everything well and many of the enhancements that I'm sure the developers
would like to work on have been on hold while KMM was moved from KDE 4 to KDE
5. They have done a ton of work in the last couple of years or more just to
keep up with KDE. It appears that some big changes are finally being worked on
now that KMM 5 has stabilized but you need to adjust your expectations if you
want a feature for feature replacement for Quicken.

Two points I can help with are importing your Quicken data and downloading your
transactions from your bank. As you have determined, KMM can't import your
Quicken file or the backup file. You have to export each account to a QIF file
and then import it into KMM. 15 years ago this was painful but I suspect KMM
has gotten much better at matching transactions which should minimize
duplicates that will happen for transfers. It may still take a lot of work to
get everything into KMM. I finally gave up in 2005 and started mostly clean. 

As far as importing from your bank, you need to map the account first. Make
sure the KBanking and/or OFX Importer plugins are checked in the KMM Settings.
Then open an account ledger and click on "Map account..." in the Account menu.
I am in the US and use OFX Import so I can help you with it. I can't help with
KBanking. The import process has is not always perfect due to many banks not
supporting it others not following the OFX specifications. I have been able to
work through all of my issues with help from the mailing list but it was
frustrating and not the fault of KMM. Plus the import relies on libraries from
other projects so not all import issues can be fixed in KMM.

If you find features missing that you'd like implemented, use the bug tracker
to add to the wish list. Make sure you include details and images to make it
clear what you are looking for.

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