[kmymoney] [Bug 424775] I will NOT go out to a bank or ANY institution and retrieve any data!, I have USED Quicken for years. I printed the connection data, tested each by hand with a browser. and manually enter all. They all appear nice on the opening screen.watched YouTubea

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Wed Jul 29 22:18:30 BST 2020


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First,  I am sorry if I offended you or anyone else.

I read much about - GnuCash, KMyMoney etc. etc. before trying any of 
these softwares for Linux.

I have thought about this in the past, but  Quicken's new Licence 
arrangement push me on to trying.(You basically have to re-up every 
year,  they claim new features but all I note is a difference in the 
GUI, for me just added frustration.  So I am looking for something more 
solid and stable, and consistent..... That has always been my experience 
with Linux based software. LybreOffice, GIMP, Thunderbird Mail etc. etc.

We are human and so our past experience usually shapes our expectation 
in a similar area..

I didn't try KMyMoney first, and my first "setup" experience went very 
well - it imported my Quicken Backup file directly.   But when I tried 
to get "accustom" to it's GUI, organization of accounts, Institutions 
etc.- Well - certainly not my cup of tea. I fooled around looking at 
others,  must did NOT have any pictures of the Interface/Organization 
etc.  Until  I ran across KMyMoney- So I had great expectation.

On trying to setup,  KMyMoney would not import the QuickenBk file as 
others had.( I mention this to indicate that the backup file I am using 
is Likely OK)    So,  I got the data and I had entered it into  
KMyMoney,  10 accounts. and it displayed OK, had starting amount, 
beginning of the year - all looks good, but of course, no actual 
transactions yet. Save works, and reopen work and back to, of course the 
exact same, so far nice display etc.

Now how do I get this to wifi contact the banks/institution and update 
-  I could be wrong but I am thinking that was the idea, - the plan - 
developed in the software.

The "disconnect"  I am thinking is in one or two areas or both.

Data input to KMyMoney,  I went to all of the displays for data input in 
Quicken and copied all the data, ( I think)  but something is 
missing.????  I found what I thought was the corresponding locations in 
KMyMoney - but some thing is not correct?.

The Main page shows the Checking and Savings accounts - under Assets, 
and Credit Cards under Liabilities.   Nothing stands out as strange,  It 
all saves and reopens fine,  but will NOT update the Transctions,  etc.  
(That is NOT a criticism of YOU - It is just stating my experience, so 
you have something to go on to assist in finding a solution! )

How I installed this,    I have Mint 19.3 on this computer,  and several 
others,   I also have Mint 20 (they skipped .5-----.9 and went to 20.0  
As you likely know  Mint is based on Ubuntu.   In Mint to install a 
software,  you just go to the Software Manager, Search:   KMyMoney and 
it finds it and installs it and the dependencies.  It indicates it is 
installing the latest. and I do frequent Updates.  BUT from you guys 
there is a later version of KMyMoney - ????  5.1.0  I assume  I should 
be able to get a copy of same. so I will look for it.

Thanks for any help.

Richard Stuart

PS: When you have a free moment, I know not very likely, checkout:  

PPS:  Other software like Quicken etc which DID read the Quicken Backup 
file duplcated a number of the transaction, so while it looked nice it 
had a final total that was way off.

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> I'm not a developer so I'm less offended by the rude way you seem to be either
> asking for help or criticizing the developers. Since you claim to write code, I
> assume your code is always perfect so you've never received a comment on your
> code that is like your comment here.
> As far as the forums that you mentioned, it's possible you have been asking for
> help on forums/mailing lists that are no longer monitored. While the response
> on this list is not always immediate it's usually fairly quick and very
> helpful. Keep in mind the developers are volunteers and respond a lot better to
> polite questions than criticism.
> I have been using KMM for about 15 years and I have been using online banking
> (direct connect) for most of that time. I don't recall if it was supported back
> in 2005 but it has been for a long time. So if it's not working for you it's
> probably the bank or a setup issue.
> Version 5.0 is a very early version of the new 5 branch and was not recommended
> for daily use. There have been many updates since then and the current version
> is 5.1.0. The previous version was 5.0.8.
> My first suggestion is to update to one of those 2 versions. If you would like
> to compile from source I have some scripts that automate the process as long as
> you have the correct dependencies installed. You can search for the link or I
> can share it with you if you are interested.
> Once you have a recent version installed, make sure you read the manual on how
> to setup online banking. Then provide the list with as much information as
> possible. The more the better since someone reading the list may have dealt
> with a problem at the same bank and found a workaround. Your current comment
> does not mention anything useful. Did you try to map any of the accounts? If
> not, it's never going to work. Where are you? Where are your banks? There are
> different online banking options depending on where you are.
> I have tried gnucash. As far as I could tell, you have to download one bank
> account at a time. With KMM you can do them all at once. I do it every day.
> If you really think a YouTube video would help new users, I suggest you create
> one. I'm guessing the project would love the help. If there is a bug in the
> program, the developers do there best when the bug is clearly explained and you
> help test the patches. It's a community effort.
> Since you mentioned Quicken, I assume you have access to a Windows computer.
> You could try a recent version of KMM compiled for Windows and see if that
> solves your problem. I don't use Windows and don't know where the installation
> package is but I would check the KMM website. If that works then you have to
> figure out how to get a more recent version on Linux.

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