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Jack ostroffjh at
Fri Jan 17 22:11:57 GMT 2020


(taking back to the list)
I do understand how frustrating this is.  I went most of a year with no  
online price updates, and my eventual success was by using  
Finance::Quote and its yahoo_json source.  Note that Finance::Quote is  
not configured on the above page, and it and it's Perl dependencies  
need to be installed independent of KMM.  How you do that depends on  
which distribution you are using.  We don't have usage statistics to  
know what other online quotes sources other users are still having any  
success with.

The problem is not in your data, it's in the changes that sites make to  
their web pages, often specifically to prevent this type of data  
retrieval from working.

Starting from scratch is not likely to help.  The core data used by the  
Online Quotes feature is stored in ~/.config/kmymoney/kmymoneyrc the  
first time a user runs the program.  Even if you update KMM and it has  
updated online quote settings, they will not get applied to an existing  
kmymoneyrc file.  You might test by creating a new user, creating a new  
KMM file with one investment account and one security, and then trying  
each of the sources to see if it will work.  If so, you can find the  
relevant entries either in the kmymoneyrc file or using the  
Settings/Configure KMyMoney menu, and selecting Online Quotes on the  
left.  You can then compare those settings to the ones when you run KMM  
as yourself.

If a given source fails to get a date and/or price, you can manually  
look at the returned page, using teh URL from that configuration page,  
and see if you can modify the regular expressions for Price and Date to  
pull out the desired data.  I have tried this myself in the past, and  
not been successful, even though I'm reasonably good with regular  

I really wish there was an easy resolution to this problem, but I don't  
know of one.  There are folks out there who continue to try new  
approaches, and I'm sure we'll hear if any of them turn out to be  
successful.  Then we'll just need to get that work incorporated into  
KMM, or even better, into one of the libraries used by KMM and other  
finance software.


On 2020.01.17 16:37, George Simonis wrote:
>  Hi again, Jack,  Here's my problem: The investments don't update.  
> Let me offer this: Would I be better off to start all over and enter  
> it all again? Or would that also not help. I get frustrated because  
> what was automatic is now seemingly impossible. If I reentered  
> everything would the update work?
>     On Monday, January 13, 2020, 11:54:10 AM EST, Jack  
> <ostroffjh at> wrote:
> If you want any real help, you need to cooperate and give us some  
> information we can follow up on.  Which sources have you tried (at  
> least one example) and what stock symbol?  Without that, we don't  
> know if your particular problem is the same as anyone else's.  If you  
> read through all the treads mentioned, you would have a better  
> understanding of why this is so hard.  You are correct that it really  
> should not be so hard, but because every source provides their data  
> in different formats, and they change those formats at will and with  
> no announcement, it IS difficult to keep up with all those changes.   
> In addition, the design of the KMM price update process makes it hard  
> to automatically push such changes, even if we know about them,  
> without  possibly needing some manual intervention from the user.
> The basic reason it has gone from almost always working to the  
> current state is that most/all of the sources have accelerated the  
> rate at which they make changes to their web sites, possibly because  
> of the increase in use.  If you look at the web site, you see their  
> ads.  If KMM downloads the data, nobody sees the ads.  They want you  
> to see the ads, so they change the format.
> Again, if you want to make it work, you need to give us a concrete  
> example of an attempt that failed for you.
> In my own case, I have had recent luck using the Finance::Quote  
> (there is a checkbox on the stock's final configuration page).  If  
> you check that box, then the "sources" dropdown is filled with the  
> F::Q sources.  I have had luck selecting yahoo_json from that list.
> Jack
>  On 1/13/20 10:48 AM, George Simonis wrote:
>  I've tried 3 or 4 sources that are listed on the drop down. No luck.  
> If tey don't work, why are they still listed as sources? Am I the  
> only one having these problems?It used to be easy to update the  
> stocks, now it is impossible.
>       On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 01:47:01 PM EST, Jack  
> <ostroffjh at> wrote:
>   George,
>  What source are you using for the updates?  As Thomas said, some  
> sites, 
>  such as Yahoo, have simply stopped providing that service, so it  
> simply 
>  won't work, and there is nothing KMyMoney can do about it.  Some  
> have 
>  changed the format of what they provide, so we might be able to  
> adjust 
>  the settings for that source, but we would need to know which  
> source. 
>  Did you look through the forum as Thomas suggested?  In terms of  
> errors 
>  - is there really nothing more than "failed to update"?  Is that on 
>  console or in a pop-up?
>  Jack
>  On 2020.01.08 12:36, George Simonis wrote:
>  >  The stocks, mutual funds, do not update at all. Instead I get  
> failed 
>  > to update in red, and then nothing. The stocks used to update  
> easily. 
>  > There was an "update all" button, and presto, they were updated.  
> NOT 
>  > SO in the last 2 years.Now it(investments ) have to be manually 
>  > updated which is a pain in the butt! What happened to the easy 
>  > updates?
>  >
>  >    On Monday, January 6, 2020, 3:01:20 PM EST, Thomas Baumgart 
>  > <thb at> wrote:
>  >
>  >  George,
>  >
>  > some sources have changed their data format others have seized  
> their 
>  > operation. There are a couple of discussion threads on the  
> KMyMoney 
>  > forum at
>  >
>  > In order to give some more advice or analyze your situation we  
> would 
>  > need some details about the problem (e.g. error messages that are 
>  > shown on the GUI or a console).
>  >
>  > Regards
>  >
>  > Thomas
>  >
>  >
>  >
>  > On Montag, 6. Januar 2020 16:55:22 CET George Simonis wrote:
>  >
>  > >  Thomas, I have used Kmymoney for years, and up til about a year  
> or 
>  > so ago, was always able to update my stocks through the program.  
> That 
>  > has stopped and for some reason, I cannot update the stocks at  
> all. 
>  > Do the latest Kmymoneys fix the problem? I enjoyed having the  
> stocks 
>  > update automatically, and now the stocks are a big mess. HELP!
>  > >
>  > >    On Friday, January 3, 2020, 05:30:23 PM EST, Thomas Baumgart 
>  > <thb at> wrote: 
>  > > 
>  > >  Larry,
>  > >
>  > > On Freitag, 3. Januar 2020 23:10:16 CET Larry Cutrone wrote:
>  > >
>  > > > I recently downloaded KMYMoney to migrate away from Quicken.   
>>  > like the
>  > > > look & feel, and can tolerate having to start from scratch to  
> add 
>  > categories
>  > > > with which I am familiar.
>  > >
>  > > Did you know, that you can try to import a QIF file to keep your 
>  > history? Might be worth a try, your mileage may vary though.
>  > >
>  > > > I added several accounts and on my 1st attempt
>  > > > ran into date issues since my bank used 4 digit and the  
> program 
>  > only allows
>  > > > for 2 digit year.  Is there a way to change this? 
>  > >
>  > > The date format is usually controlled by the KDE system  
> settings. 
>  > KMyMoney just uses that. Or am I misunderstanding the question?
>  > >
>  > > > 2nd question is how do I
>  > > > find options to set up my accounts to updated from my bank via 
>  > online
>  > > > banking? 
>  > >
>  > > That depends on the possibilities your bank supports. Usually  
> you 
>  > use "Account/Map account" to setup direct online processing of 
>  > statement/transaction data. Another possibility is to import CSV 
>  > files.
>  > >
>  > > > Any help will be much appreciated even if it is to read some
>  > > > documentation (as long as I know where it is).
>  > >
>  > > Documentation can be found here: 
>  >
>  > >
>  > > Hope that helps and gets you started.

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