Missing menu bar

Carl Schwan carl at carlschwan.eu
Fri Jan 17 10:21:12 GMT 2020

The best way to solve this problem is to go to edit .config/kmymoneyrc and delete the line Menubar=Disabled. Make sure kmymoney is closed when modifying the configuration. Next time you start kmymoney, the menubar should appear again.

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On 17 Jan 2020, 02:35, Jack Ostroff < ostroffjh at aya.yale.edu> wrote:

> I don't know why I always seem to find these inexplicable, bizarre
> problems, but I've got another one. I don't think this is really a KMM
> problem, but something KDE related, but as of now, KMM is the only KDE
> app which exibits the problem - no menu bar.
> I'm running plasma-desktop, and do NOT have the global menu widget
> installed anywhere. I briefly did add it to a panel, quickly got rid
> of it, discovered it was still present in a panel not being displayed,
> and finally managed to remove it by hand editing
> ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc. Menus have returned
> to all other KDE apps where they were missing, but still not for KMM.
> I'd love any suggestions where else to look, or what else to try to
> bring my menus back. There's lots I can do with context menus, but
> some things I can't find any path to other than the main menu items.
> Thanks for any hits or clues or pointers to fine manuals I seem not to
> have read.
> Jack
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