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> Team, 
> KMM is amazing software! It is just amazing how well it works and all
> the functionality it has built-in. 

A lot of time and effort has been put into the project. Next year, I will
be working 20 of them on it and it is good to read that it pays off.

> I am a Gnome/Plasma user. Depdencing on what I am doing I may load into
> one or the other. The Gnome footprint is growing as most distros are
> distributing with Gnome as default DE. 
> KMM is obivously a KDE application but I think it is so good it should
> be promoted as an application that works for all Desktop Environments.
> I know it works for Gnome and KDE Plasma, but the  splashs screen says
> it is the KDE finance manager. I think it should not say that. It makes
> it seem like it is only intended for the KDE Desktop Users. 
> What do you guys think? Seems like a small thing but I feel like KMM
> doesn't get enough love on the inter-webs. Most reviews say that it is
> a great financial management tool if you are  KDE user. I think it is
> great regardless. 

KMyMoney is built on KDE Framework technologies and they are required, even
if you run it under GNOME. If they are not present as required, KMyMoney
will not run at all or some function are not working (e.g. price download
if kioslaves are not installed).

Also, I want to emphasize that the infrastructure to develop and maintain
KMyMoney (git server, web server, download servers, etc.) is provided by KDE e.V.

I agree though, that since we are working on other DE as well, we could
rephrase "personal finance manager for KDE" to "personal finance manager for the desktop"
as we are currently not really supporting any other form factor. The consequence
would be though, that we need to test this very thoroughly then.

Other thoughts?



Thomas Baumgart

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