Splash screen

jvapr27 at gmail.com jvapr27 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 05:34:35 GMT 2020


KMM is amazing software! It is just amazing how well it works and all
the functionality it has built-in. 

I am a Gnome/Plasma user. Depdencing on what I am doing I may load into
one or the other. The Gnome footprint is growing as most distros are
distributing with Gnome as default DE. 

KMM is obivously a KDE application but I think it is so good it should
be promoted as an application that works for all Desktop Environments.
I know it works for Gnome and KDE Plasma, but the  splashs screen says
it is the KDE finance manager. I think it should not say that. It makes
it seem like it is only intended for the KDE Desktop Users. 

What do you guys think? Seems like a small thing but I feel like KMM
doesn't get enough love on the inter-webs. Most reviews say that it is
a great financial management tool if you are  KDE user. I think it is
great regardless. 



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