problem/question on deleting equities and securities

Jack Ostroff ostroffjh at
Tue Jan 7 20:58:03 GMT 2020

I'll skip the longwinded history, but I am trying to delete a security  
account in an investment account.  There is no other security/equity  
for the same underlying security.  I can "Close" it, but not "Delete"  
it.  I have deleted all prices for it.  By grepping the xml file, it  
seems to exist only in one transaction - but only within the value part  
of a keypair for "kmm-matched-tx".  I suspect that the security was  
created automatically when importing that transaction (possibly one of  
multiple imports) and I had "corrected" the security in another version  
of that transaction before matching them.  I have looked at that  
transaction from the perspective of all three splits - the Investment  
account, the Brokerage account (it is a Dividend transaction), and the  
Category.  None of them display as a matched transaction, so there is  
nothing I can "Accept."  Is my best bet to simple manually remove that  
key/value pair and the one above it about which split it matches?  Is  
there any other way to remove it?

Separately, it seems there is no way to actually remove a  
<SECURITY....../> record through the UI.  It seems to me they are  
created automatically the first time any security is created with that  
symbol, but other than seeing it in the Securities tab of the  
Investment View, there is no way to actually do anything with it.  Am I  
missing something?



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