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I found the code I was looking for. Thank you very much! I made my
change, tested it, and it works the way I want it to. What is theprocess to bring up a 'change' as part of the core program? 

Basically, I feel that the bar charts should not display the Expenses,
nor Transfers, as negative values or plot them below 0 on the y-axis.
The total should. 
I also think the Net flow report should include the transfers by
default and only select the Assets accounts. This will show where the
money came into the Assets and where it went out to. 

I do not know if I should file a bug since it is not a bug and the
current reports probably work as intended originally. What I am
suggesting may be a new report, that I would like to name Cash Flow
Statement or Statement of Cash Flow. I know KMyMoney is not intended
for Business use and the Statement of Cash Flow is a business report, I
also find it useful to evaluate how much money comes into my personal
accounts and how much goes out. Leaving me with a Net Profit or Loss
for the period. When I pay money towards liabilities like a home
mortgage, a standard income and expense statement will not show the
affect of that transfer. 

Anyways, in summary, how do I make a suggestion for a change. Is it a



On Sun, 2019-12-29 at 09:31 +0100, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> Hi,
> please find my answers inline.
> On Samstag, 28. Dezember 2019 23:48:03 CET jvapr27 at gmail.com wrote:
> > Thanks Thomas. 
> > I am trying to read between the lines. So if I miss something,
> > please
> > let me know. 
> > Here is what I did: 
> > 	git clone --single-branch --branch master
> > git://anongit.kde.org/kmymoney.git kmy/master	git clone --
> > single-
> > branch --branch 5.0 git://anongit.kde.org/kmymoney.git kmy/stable
> > Is that what you meant by master and stable? Why do you all see 5.0
> > as
> > stable? Is that the base release that all current security and
> > other
> > patches are going towards for the current release, and Master is
> > the
> > new source for the next release? (so you apply the patches to both)
> Hope the following does not confuse you more. In general we have two
> states
> of the application which we call unstable and stable. Unstable is the
> current
> top development and may have cause or causes trouble with your data
> file (though
> we did not have that in a long time). New features are added to the
> unstable
> branch.
> The stable branch is where we only add bug fixes or small
> improvements but
> nothing big that may break the application.
> Since we use git as the version control system we use two branches to
> reflect
> the above: master contains the unstable version. Whenever we decide
> to create
> a new stable version off of master (with all the features and such)
> we create
> a new branch and label it with the base version number. This happened
> the last
> time on 2018-02-04 around commit 493a57657a6. This commit also
> contains the
> tag v5.0.0 and is the base of branch 5.0. If you follow the branch
> you will
> come along all those other bug-fix releases and their tags v5.0.1 -
> v5.0.7.
> They all reside on branch 5.0 (the stable branch).
> Once we are confident, that we can create a new version off of
> master, we
> have to decide how to call it and then create a new branch with that
> name
> off of master and declare this new as the stable branch. 5.0 will
> then be
> history as the stable branch and does not receive any more fixes. OK,
> exceptions may apply.
> Then there is the branch Brandon brought into play: 4.8. It is the
> last stable
> branch that is based on KDE4/Qt4 technology. This was created just
> like the
> 5.0 branch on 2016-06-14 with commit 25cbb1a0d11f40. After that,
> master was
> turned into the KF5/Qt5 version.
> > Regarding Step C... So then, we have to do a(n) (re)installation to
> > make sure all the plugins get pulled correctly.. otherwise, I won't
> > see
> > the changes. This makes sense, although.. I am wondering, are the
> > Reports modules considered a plugin or part of the core of
> > KMyMoney?
> > Also, do you happen to know if Kdevelop runs a re-install behind
> > the
> > scenes when I hit the Debug button? 
> My explanation about the two sandboxes should only describe how I
> manage
> to switch pretty fast between the two versions (unstable/stable)
> without
> recompiling every time. If you don't need to do that, say you are
> only
> working on a fix on the stable branch, then you don't have to set it
> up
> that way.
> Currently, the only requirement is, that only a single version is
> installed.
> I know that some folks have played around with environments to have
> KMyMoney
> installed in parallel in different versions, but that is a more
> complex setup 
> and requires a bit of knowledge. This also implies that no package
> containing
> KMyMoney from the distro repository is installed on the system.
> In 5.0 some of the core modules have been converted into plugins. So
> functionality
> wise they belong to the core of the application and are build with it
> but
> technically they are plugins (and can be deactivated by the user).
> KDevelop can be instructed to run a 'make' or 'make install' before
> it starts
> debugging/executing. This is controlled through the Launch
> Configuration setting
> of Dependencies/Action. I usually have this set to 'Do nothing' and
> control the
> things myself.
> > thanks again. I know you have mentioned some of this in the past
> > and
> > some of it is just now sinking in. I promise once I get going, I
> > will
> > try to help you all instead of just slowing you guys down. I just
> > finally have some down time from my regular work that I can focus
> > on
> > this.  
> Don't worry about that. We are here to help. And believe me: it is
> how we all
> learned to do this.
> Thomas

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