Forecast Really Off - Where best to report and how

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Mon Aug 17 07:50:47 BST 2020


On Montag, 17. August 2020 07:04:20 CEST Joel Madero wrote:

> Hi All,
> The forecast feature is really off. My net worth has gone up every month
> for the past several years yet KMyMoney shows graphs and tables that
> predict my net worth to go down. I'm not willing to share my actual net
> worth but I'm willing to share a percentage over time. Forecast has
> never worked well so I'm not sure if I should report to mailing list
> (because it's still way off in development build) or if I should report
> to bugzilla. Let me know where and what information would be useful to
> share in order for it to be useful to developers.

That sounds very strange. Since the forecast support two very different
modes it would be interesting, which one of them you are using:

a) Scheduled, based on scheduled transactions
b) History, based on the recent history

On top of that there is a set of more parameters to tweak the forecast.
All of them may have some influence in your case.

What happens if you 'play' with those parameters?

Oh, and to answer your question: the user list might be an appropriate
place to ask (as is the forum) until we make sure, that this is really
a software bug.





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