[kmymoney] [Bug 425169] Cannot open file unknown account id

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Mon Aug 10 13:45:26 BST 2020


--- Comment #7 from andy_1717 at msn.com ---
(In reply to Thomas Baumgart from comment #6)
> Believe us that the developers of KMyMoney are very cautious if it comes to
> this kind of problem. Data loss must not happen. The second largest is data
> inconsistency, btw.  On the other hand, if data loss happens nevertheless,
> they are very helpful to get your data back and understand the sensitivity
> of the data itself. But for this to be successful, they need your support on
> your end. This includes being precise and giving as much information as
> possible. Please tell us any commercial package where you get this kind of
> support?
> You mention, that your file is encrypted. In case your data file has been
> written through GPG (the KMyMoney method) your can simply use 
>   gpg -d filename.kmy > filename.xml
> to decrypt it. Then run the checks that have been mentioned before on
> filename.xml. In case we find something to fix your problem, we will do it
> on filename.xml. KMyMoney can read this file directly and encrypt it during
> the next save.

I found the backups thank you! Is there anywhere I can put a suggestion into
the developers. I think autosave and autosave versions should be 'on' by
default. As a new user to this software I could have lost hours of work if I
didn't go through all the settings first.

I have decrypted that file now with that command thanks. Here is the only line
that has the account referenced (Line 30). I've starred out some sensitive data
and I can upload the full XLM if it helps, I'll need time to star out the
sensitive data that's all:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <CREATION_DATE date="2020-07-26"/>
  <LAST_MODIFIED_DATE date="2020-08-09"/>
  <VERSION id="1"/>
  <FIXVERSION id="5"/>
 <USER email="" name="******">
  <ADDRESS street="" zipcode="" county="" city="" telephone=""/>
 <INSTITUTIONS count="6">
  <INSTITUTION id="I000001" manager="" sortcode="********" name="Nationwide">
   <ADDRESS street="" zip="" city="" telephone=""/>
    <ACCOUNTID id="A000001"/>
    <ACCOUNTID id="A000008"/>
    <ACCOUNTID id="A000105"/>
    <ACCOUNTID id="A000121"/>
    <PAIR value="********" key="bic"/>
    <PAIR value="" key="url"/>
  <INSTITUTION id="I000002" manager="" sortcode="********" name="MBNA">
   <ADDRESS street="" zip="" city="" telephone=""/>
    <ACCOUNTID id="A000093"/>'A000065'

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