Investments on Master Appear Very Broken/Totally Unusable

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Fri Aug 7 13:09:56 BST 2020

Hi Joel,

On Samstag, 1. August 2020 23:06:12 CEST Joel Madero wrote:

> Hi All -
> Just want to report that investments are unusable with current master
> build. Couple things that I'm seeing in the new ledger:

That could well be as it is work in progress.

> (1) The ledger itself shows blank for almost all fields when looking at
> investments - "quantity" "price" "value" all empty fields, only thing
> showing is "balance";

Do you use the old or the new ledger? The old one for sure is broken (as
in ripped apart and about to vanish)

> (2) Edits do not stick at all - try modifying like a quantity of
> purchased stocks, push enter, go back to edit again and the old value
> will have returned;

Same question here?

> (3) No method to actually purchase or sale (no dialog on the bottom to
> buy/sale/etc...)
> I can share a video share of the problems but don't want to on a public
> mailing thread as my investments will be visible as well as balances.

You can share it with me if you want. It would be interesting to see what the
software does for you, how you use it and what is still missing.  I admit, the
main focus so far with the new ledger code was with regular accounts and not
so much on investments.

> Thanks all for ongoing hard efforts keeping a solid accounting piece of
> software available open source.

Thank you for providing valuable feedback. Looking forward to the movie.

BTW: if you want I can share an upload location on my private cloud server, so
no need to feed Google & Co.



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