Investments on Master Appear Very Broken/Totally Unusable

Joel Madero jmadero at
Sat Aug 1 22:06:12 BST 2020

Hi All -

Just want to report that investments are unusable with current master
build. Couple things that I'm seeing in the new ledger:

(1) The ledger itself shows blank for almost all fields when looking at
investments - "quantity" "price" "value" all empty fields, only thing
showing is "balance";

(2) Edits do not stick at all - try modifying like a quantity of
purchased stocks, push enter, go back to edit again and the old value
will have returned;

(3) No method to actually purchase or sale (no dialog on the bottom to

I can share a video share of the problems but don't want to on a public
mailing thread as my investments will be visible as well as balances.

Thanks all for ongoing hard efforts keeping a solid accounting piece of
software available open source.

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