Trying to Open File with 5.1 Saved with Master Provides Error

Joel Madero jmadero at
Sun Aug 2 16:02:41 BST 2020

I'll try to get this anonymized. I was able to build master again and
the file opens and can be edited without an issue. 5.1 still crashes. I
have tens of thousands of entries so a visual check would be near

On 8/2/20 2:50 AM, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> Joel,
> On Sonntag, 2. August 2020 11:11:39 CEST Thomas Baumgart wrote:
>> On Sonntag, 2. August 2020 01:09:22 CEST Joel Madero wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Due to investments being totally broken in master build I decided to go
>>> back to 5.1 to update my account. I know about the general "do not use
>>> master for production" but I do so knowing the risk in order to fully
>>> provide QA for open source software.
>>> When I try to do anything with my saved kmymoney file in 5.1 (saved
>>> using the master build) I get the following error:
>>> Uncaught error. Please report the details to the developers
>>> Node was not TRANSACTION in file
>>> /build/kmymoney-8Tb1zm/kmymoney-5.0.1/kmymoney/mymoney/mymoneytransaction.cpp
>>> line 53
>> While loading the TRANSACTIONS, it reads a node that is not a TRANSACTION.
>>> If this is a planned non-backward-compatibility bug I think that
>>> KMyMoney devs really should put a massive warning on savings files using
>>> the master build. If it's unintentional, I'm happy to help debug
>>> provided instructions.
>> No, this is not planned at all. 
>> Debug instructions:
>> Depending on the size of your file (number of transactions) you can take the
>> visual approach by making the file human readable
>> (see
>> for possible formats - if you did not do anything special, it is gzip compressed).
>> For this case, here are the commands
>>   % zcat your-file.kmy > your-file.xml
>> then use any editor to look at your-file.xml. Investigate the <TRANSACTIONS> sections
>> which must contain a node that is not of type <TRANSACTION>.
>> If you don't find anything like that, check the <SCHEDULES> section. A <SCHEDULED_TX>
>> should also have an embedded <TRANSACTION>.
>> In case you don't find anything, you can send me an anonymized version of your file
>> via private e-mail. See
>> how to create such a file. You would have to create the file using the master version.
>> Check that the file does not contain sensitive information before sending it out.
>> Use gzip to compress it (resulting filename does not matter).
>> Hope that helps.
> I just tried to duplicate the problem with no success. Here's what I did using
> today's master and 5.1 versions:
> a) start 5.1 and save my production data file
> b) uninstall 5.1 and install master
> c) load production file using master
> d) save as a temp file with master
> e) uninstall master and install 5.1
> f) load temp file
> no problem. That does not mean, that there is no problem, but in general it should work.
> Testing can only prove the presence of bugs, not their absence.
>  -- Edsger W. Dijkstra, 1969

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