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> Hi Thomas, 
> Awesome to hear that multi-tab ledger is on its way! 
> I am not an accouting expert at all either. I took 3 classes in college
> and hated it at the time. Now, I see the value in understanding those
> concepts. 
> Since we do not have Business reports to generate, although they may
> still be useful to personal accouting if you wish to consider your
> household a busines(not a bad idea in my mind), we do not have to worry
> about generating a Balance Sheet report, Account Aging reports etc.. 

.. but it would not hurt if we have them.

> Really, on the personall accounting side, I would like to see a
> CashFlow (money in, money out) report that does not have transactions
> listed. I just want to quickly be able to tell if I am increasing
> cashflow or decreasing. In KMM, what I did was use the Netflow report,
> renamed it cashflow, showed the transfers, and selected only the assets
> accounts. This allowed me to see the money into my assets, and money
> out of them. Basically, a cashflow report. The accouting Statement of
> Cashflow report would list the accounts involved in the report and the
> money in and out of each account towards the Assets accounts. Although
> such report would be awesome to have, for personal use what I did with
> the Netflow report is fine. 

Not sure if I completely understand that without more thinking. Maybe, you can create an example (sample file?) and share that with us.

> The other, low haging fruit.. I think, would be to split the amounts
> from using the (-) negative sign to show decreases. Instead, it should
> show an amount and be either a Credit or Debit column, which depending
> on the account would indicate an increase or decrease(this is why KMM
> decided to use th negative symbol). Although more complex and takes
> some getting used to, it is easier to sum up both columns (Debits and
> Credits ) and see how much money went in, and out. 

Having a sketch of the reports would probably help. Maybe based on some sample file with a few transactions.

> I will see if I can find some friends that are accounting majors that
> may want to help. That would really be the best as I only understand
> the surface level of accounting. 

Not sure if we need accounting majors at this point. We do have the transactions (data) and need to know how the numbers should be reported. The rest is just plain algorithmic logic which we can figure out.

> BTW, GnuCash is having the struggle of people asking for TAGs,
> Categories(really classes) to be used in an analytical fashion. GnuCash
> is saying thier accounting tool, is not intended to do analytical
> reporting on. :) We may have a lot of more users interested in KMM
> soon. 

I am just occasionally following their developer list not any of the user discussion.



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