strange problems editing transactions after migrating to new PC

Jack ostroffjh at
Sat Sep 21 21:12:00 BST 2019

[trimming the old, since it is no longer relevant]

Well, I've managed to convince myself that the problem is not in any  
KMM code, and not related to libalkimia.  It's clearly something in my  
environment.  Logged in as myself, running locally, I see the problem  
(several fields in the investment transaction form in the ledger seem  
disabled.)  If I "ssh localhost" and run KMM, it runs fine.  Running as  
a newly created  user, it runs fine locally or through ssh.  One  
possible hint is that the KMM window looks different whether run  
locally or through ssh - but that difference is the mostly same as both  
users.  Running locally, many of the icons look different for each  
user.  Run through ssh, icons look different from running locally, but  
the same for both users.  However, I still can't think of what type of  
graphical setting (theme, ...?) could even remotely cause a few  
speicifc qt/kde display widgets to become disabled.  I'm still open to  
suggestions for troubleshooting (I don't really want to try to recreate  
my entire profile from scratch) and will probalby start asking in  
plasma forums or lists.


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