Compiling on Ubuntu fails at 97 , how to enable KBanking, AqBanking?

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Fri Sep 20 19:17:12 BST 2019


On Freitag, 20. September 2019 19:47:41 CEST Timon wrote:

> Hi Jack,
> on Ubuntu it's very similar, the file is in both of these:
> timon at ubuntu18-imac:~$ apt-file search qsqldriverplugin.h
> libqt4-dev: /usr/include/qt4/Qt/qsqldriverplugin.h
> libqt4-dev: /usr/include/qt4/QtSql/qsqldriverplugin.h
> qtbase5-dev: /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/QtSql/qsqldriverplugin.h
> Both qtbase5-dev and libqt4-dev are already installed ...
> But I decided to leave this question open at the moment as Thomas
> suggestion "-DENABLE_SQLCIPHER=OFF" did the trick and KMM compiles now.
> Now KMyMoney compiles, but then Gwen fails. There was a discussion
> about a very similar looking error in this list a couple of years ago,
> involving a Jack- that might be you? See Thread "KMM compiles now, Gwen
> fails? ...".

Please keep in mind that you need to build and install gwenhywfar, then build and install aqbanking and then configure (cmake), build and install kmymoney. Otherwise this might not work properly.



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