strange problems editing transactions after migrating to new PC

Jack ostroffjh at
Mon Sep 9 22:02:52 BST 2019

I am in process of migrating to a new PC, so everything is newly 
compiled from scratch (Gentoo Linux.)  Recently, I tried my first 
monthly processing of my investment accounts on the new machine, and 
found some serious problems.  I have now had the same issue with git 
head 5.0 branch, 5.0.5, and 5.0.6.  I also have the same problem with 
5.0.6 on my laptop using the Artix Linux package.

Starting with just one account, the OFX import seemed to go fine.  The 
first few transactions (all dividends) seemed to go fine, as the 
brokerage account, fees (none,) and interest category (Dividends) were 
all already correct (possibly from matching previous transactions.)  
Then I got one where the interest category was _Dividends, and when I 
clicked on the interest dropdown, the cursor went directly to the memo 
field.  The same happens clicking on the fees dropdown or clicking in 
the Brokerage account field.  If I start with the transaction type, and 
then tab through the fields, it skips those three fields.  I've also 
noticed that when I click on the Fees or Interest dropdowns, any amounts 
for those are selected, although the cursor will also not stay in either 
of those fields.

Now, to make things really strange, if I am at my laptop (Artix) and ssh 
into the new PC, I can run kmymoney, and everything seems to work just 
fine.  When I open that file working directly on that PC, any changes I 
made over ssh are still present, but I still can't select any of those 
fields.  At least that gives me a way to complete my updates and 
reconciliation, but I can't think of anything that would explain this 
behavior.  I have not yet tried using ssh from the new PC to the laptop.

I'm hoping that just posting this will result in my immediately seeing 
what I have done to cause this, but I'm not convinced it will be that 
simple.  Any suggestions for troubleshooting will be greatly appreciated.


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