question regarding modification from category ledgers

David Houlden djhoulden at
Mon Sep 9 11:00:24 BST 2019


Not sure why we can't change within a category but this may help.

Go into the account ledger and type the category you want to split into the filter field at top of screen. This will restrict the transactions to the ones you want.
Select the ones you want to change by selecting multiple lines with the mouse and holding shift or ctrl key down. Click the edit button and change the category. Click enter and all selected transactions should be updated.

Hope that helps you.


On Sunday 08 September 2019 08:23:09 jvapr27 at wrote:
> Hi all, 
> Why is it prohibited to make changes from within a Category? 
> For example, if I have a category of Home Repairs and I want to go into
> that category to break it down to Home Repairs: home1, Home Repairs:
> home2 etc.. I cannot do that easily. I have to track down each
> transaction, go to its source ledger and adjust it there. This is a
> pain. I know other software does allow for adjusting within a Category
> so I am not sure if KMM is prohibiting it due to a technical limitation
> within the code or if this has been discussed and there is a reason why
> we don't allow it. 
> My scenario basically comes down to me originally assigning all the
> transactions to a generic Expense account. After reviewing some of the
> reports, I find that I want to see the data broken down further. Thus I
> want to break the Category into other subcategories and reassign
> certain transactions there. This would be easy if I could go into the
> Generic Category and reassign from there. KMM doesn't allow me. :( 
> I will find another way around it or use something else to get the
> breakdown but I figured I would share in case you get other similar
> requests; us users want it. :) 
> thanks, 
> JV

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