question regarding modification from category ledgers

jvapr27 at jvapr27 at
Sun Sep 8 14:23:09 BST 2019

Hi all, 

Why is it prohibited to make changes from within a Category? 

For example, if I have a category of Home Repairs and I want to go into
that category to break it down to Home Repairs: home1, Home Repairs:
home2 etc.. I cannot do that easily. I have to track down each
transaction, go to its source ledger and adjust it there. This is a
pain. I know other software does allow for adjusting within a Category
so I am not sure if KMM is prohibiting it due to a technical limitation
within the code or if this has been discussed and there is a reason why
we don't allow it. 

My scenario basically comes down to me originally assigning all the
transactions to a generic Expense account. After reviewing some of the
reports, I find that I want to see the data broken down further. Thus I
want to break the Category into other subcategories and reassign
certain transactions there. This would be easy if I could go into the
Generic Category and reassign from there. KMM doesn't allow me. :( 

I will find another way around it or use something else to get the
breakdown but I figured I would share in case you get other similar
requests; us users want it. :) 



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