[kmymoney] [Bug 361865] Dialog uses 'share' when in fact referring to shares and/or bonds (i.e., securities)

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Tue Oct 30 23:58:44 GMT 2018


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--- Comment #8 from Jack <ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net> ---
Rereading this bug, I'm not sure if we ever filed a bug specifically for the
German translation.  

I'm still against changing the English terms at this point.  If we ever create
specific transaction types for bonds distinct from stock and mutual funds, then
we would certainly want to use different words for bonds.  I also acknowledge
that you buy a number of bonds rather than a number of shares of a bond, but I
think the current usage is reasonably obvious (at least in English.)  I suppose
using Wetpapiere in German might be more inclusive, but as I would not change
the English, it might be considered in inaccurate translation.  (I do not speak
German, so I say that only on the basis of Comment 7.)  Unfortunately, I do not
think there is any easy way to provide a note to translators, although I
suppose I might be able to discuss the terminology and address the issue in the
handbook.  I'll add that to my list for completing the update of the handbook
for 5.x.

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