Cannot enter new investment. Ubuntu 18.04 / 5.0.0

John Le Page falla07 at
Sun Oct 21 14:21:18 BST 2018

I have recently upgraded my computer from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04. 
KMyMoney appeared to be working ok until I needed to add a new 
investment.  All the fields for "Buy Shares" are filled in and the value 
correctly computed from the number of shares and price but the only 
option for action is "Cancel" . "Enter" and "Accept" remain greyed out.

I did not want to post the screen publicly in a forum (I did register 
and look for an answer) but can send you a screen dump. The version is 
given as 5.00 from "Help" and 5.0.1-2 from the Ubuntu download.

If this reaches Thomas, I see my last questions were in 2011. I have 
used KMyMoney without problems for years now and found it a great 
program to use. Thank you for all your enthusiasm.

Could it be a problem with the upgrade from 16.04 -> 18.04? Do I need to 
do a clean install of 18.04?

Kind regards

John Le Page (BuckyB)

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