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Brendan Coupe brendan at coupeware.com
Fri Mar 30 15:50:02 UTC 2018

When I open my KMM file in KF5 the accounts that were mapped do not
show the option to "Update account". It's grayed out and the option to
"Update all accounts" is grayed out.

I can unmap each account and remap it. Am I doing something wrong or
is this a necessary step as part of the upgrade? I have a lot of
accounts mapped so I'm hoping not to lose them.

After remapping 3 accounts and then running "Update all accounts" I
get the "Statement stats" window after each account successfully
downloads an OFX file with new transactions in it. I have to click
"OK" before it will download the next account. As I recall this was a
problem many years ago and it was fixed (by Thomas) so that KMM 4.8
brings up one "Statement stats" window at the end of the process only
if at least one account had new transactions and it displays all of
the accounts that had new transactions in one window.

I found the emails from my original "feature request" on this issue.
The first batch were in January 2009 (Subject: "Feature Request") with
a followup in April 2009 (Subject: Feature Request - Update). I think
it was finally working in June/July 2009 (Subject: Feature Request -
Update All Accounts  Behavior). The text from the last email on the
subject is copied below.


Brendan Coupe


07/02/2009 08:58 PM

Works great with OFX. I got only the results from the one bank that
had new data. I ran it again and there was no window. Perfect. Thanks,
you've saved me lots of scrolling.

On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 1:46 AM, Thomas Baumgart <thb at net-bembel.de> wrote:
> On Sunday 21 June 2009 19:21:53 Brendan Coupe wrote:
> > I have 10 accounts that I update online. Most have very little
> > activity but it's easier to use that Update All Accounts option every
> > day or two than it is to download the 3 or 4 accounts that change more
> > often individually.
> >
> > In the past few months Thomas has greatly improved the behavior of
> > this process by eliminating the selection screen for each account
> > eliminating all user interaction except at the end of the process when
> > the summary screen appears. Please note that you need to get the very
> > latest CVS source and unmap and remap any online accounts that are
> > still asking you to confirm the account name before importing the
> > data. I was still getting the selection window on my credit card
> > accounts until it was fixed earlier today. The fix will not work
> > unless you remap the account.
> >
> > Now for my request. I would like the option to have Update All
> > Accounts be done in silent mode. Right now 20 different windows popup
> > during this process. It takes 45 to 60 seconds to download all 10
> > accounts and it's annoying to have them popping up while I'm trying to
> > do other things. Plus I see no useful information in them. Maybe the
> > account name that is being downloaded and a counter (1 of 10) can be
> > shown at the bottom of the KMM screen.
> >
> > Part 2 of my request is to give me the option to see a summary of only
> > the accounts that have added or matched transactions. I have to scroll
> > through 10 accounts to get to the one account that actually has
> > transactions fairly often since it's at the bottom of the list. I have
> > two suggestions here. Either keep it the way it is and only show the
> > accounts with added or matched > 0 or ideally I would like to see a
> > table with Account name in the first column and Processed, Added,
> > Matched and Duplicates plus new Payees in the rest of the columns. It
> > would be nice if the user could decide if they want to see this table
> > for all accounts or just accounts with new data (Added > 0). I think
> > there should also be an option to completely turn off the download
> > summary if you do not want to see it.
> >
> > I understand that other people may want to keep the download process
> > exactly as it is and it may have some usefulness, especially when
> > troubleshooting download problems. I would like to see my suggestions
> > added as options so that each user see what they want to see. I just
> > prefer to have a simple table that requires no scrolling at the end of
> > the download process and see nothing else.
> I just added the following to CVS HEAD:
> Skip statement import statistics if no transactions have been imported for
> the 'Update all accounts' function
> I tested it with the AqBanking plugin and HBCI and that works as expected.
> Brendan, please test it with your set of OFX accounts. The suppression only
> works when you select the 'Update all accounts' feature. One account will
> still give you the results.
> > These requests is only possible because of the great work done to make
> > the online banking features work so well in the past few years. I used
> > to have to download each OFX file manually and the ability to do it
> > with one click of the mouse for most of my accounts saves a lot of
> > time. You've spoiled me and now I want more:) Next I'll want a cronjob
> > which will be lots of fun since my KMM file is encrypted.
> >
> > Thanks for all the hard work.
> Thanks for all your testing.
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> Regards
> Thomas Baumgart
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