Problems Compiling KMM KF5

Brendan Coupe brendan at
Thu Mar 29 15:55:06 UTC 2018

While the ccmake discussion is interesting I think it's clear that kbanking
is not working becasue I do not have gwenhywfar-qt5 installed.

Since I already compile libalkimia and kchart from source before compiling
KMM I guess I can add gwenhywfar to my list. I will hold off on that until
Fedora 28 comes out (5 weeks from now?) just in case it's available in the
repositories for F28. I assume they will have to add it (along
with libalkimia and kchart) if they intend to provide the KF5 version of

Thanks for everyone's help. I may be back in touch for help
compiling gwenhywfar-qt5 if Fedora does not solve this problem for me.

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On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 9:27 AM, Jack <ostroffjh at>

> On 2018.03.29 11:11, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
>> Jack,
>> On Mittwoch, 28. März 2018 12:14:15 CEST Jack wrote:
>> > Thomas,
>> >
>> > I think you misunderstood what I was suggesting.  The reason was in one
>> > of Brendan's earlier message, it looked like it disabled the importers,
>> > but without any statement of why.  So - my suggestion (expanded a bit)
>> > was to first run "cmake .. <other settings>" and if there was no clear
>> > indication of problems, to then do "ccmake ." (note the double "c"
>> > which runs the interactive version) to see what was and was not
>> > enabled.  At that point, I think you can manually change a setting, and
>> > then when you hit "c" (to configure) it knows that has changed, so does
>> > not just take previous settings from cache.  (I'd have to test again to
>> > be absolutely sure, but I'm pretty sure I have done that in the past.)
>> Ooops, I did not know, that one can run ccmake on the build dir. The doc
>> says:
>> Usage
>>   ccmake <path-to-source>
>>   ccmake <path-to-existing-build>
>> Specify a source directory to (re-)generate a build system for it in the
>> current working directory.  Specify an existing build directory to
>> re-generate its build system.
>> I don't understand the difference though, but at least it seems to work.
> If you are in the build directory and run "ccmake <path-to-source>" it's
> the same as doing cmake there, except it leaves you in the GUI.  "ccmake ."
> in the build directory just starts the GUI based on what's already in the
> cache, so you can see what it has found, and then change parameters and
> re-configure without starting from scratch.
> > Anyway - I see Łukasz did note a possibly missing package in one of
>> > Bredan's outputs - maybe that will lead to success.
>> Yes, if gwengui is not available in its Qt5 version than kbanking will
>> not be
>> available. If Brendan can get it for his distro depends on their
>> packaging and
>> building. Since I always build AqBanking and Gwenhywfar from source I
>> don't
>> know, but I have to configure it to build gwengui-qt5.
> For finding gwengui-qt5, I can't find any packages for Fedora - I wonder
> if an RPM for a different distribution would work?  There are several
> listed at
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