Problems Compiling KMM KF5

Jack ostroffjh at
Mon Mar 26 21:59:30 UTC 2018

On 2018.03.26 17:22, Brendan Coupe wrote:
> I have been trying to compile KMM from the master and I can not get  
> OFX or
> online banking to work.
> I have copied the last part of the output from cmake below.
> I have no plugins available in KMM settings and Import and Export  
> only list
> Account Template.
> I'm running this on Fedora 27 64 bit. I have been compiling from  
> source for
> about 10 years. Most of my tests have been with the master but I have
> similar results with the 5.0 branch. My file is encrypted and that  
> works
> fine. Seems strange that it reports OFX, QIF and CVS as enabled but I  
> can't
> find them. Not sure why KBanking is disabled. Online banking is  
> critical
> and I won't switch from 4.8 until I get it working.
> What am I missing?
> Thanks.
> ==============================================================
> -- The following REQUIRED packages have not been found:
> -- The following OPTIONAL packages have not been found:
>  * gwengui-qt5
> -- The following features have been enabled:
>  * Encryption, It allows encrypting your financial data.
>  * Doxygen, Generate API documentation with Doxygen (for devs only).
>  * Address book, It allows fetching payee information from KDE PIM  
> system.
>  * Holidays, It allows fetching holidays from KDE PIM system.
>  * Forecast view, It adds possibility to calculate forecasts.
>  * SQL Storage, It allows storing your financial data in SQL database
> (note: no encryption yet supported, no iban yet supported).
>  * OFX Importer, It allows importing OFX files (have client uid  
> version: no)
>  * iCalendar, iCalendar integration.
>  * QIF Importer, It allows importing QIF files.
>  * QIF Exporter, It allows exporting QIF files.
>  * GNC Importer, It allows importing GNUCash files.
>  * CSV Importer, It allows importing CSV files.
>  * CSV Exporter, It allows exporting CSV files.
> -- The following features have been disabled:
>  * KBanking, Interface for the following online banking protocols:  
> EBICS, OFX Direct Connect, Paypal
>  * Weboob, Online banking interface using Weboob.
>  * Model test, Generate modeltest code (for devs only).
>  * QtDesigner, Qt-Designer library support (for devs only).
> -- Configuring done
> -- Generating done
> *----Brendan Coupe*
That does seem very strange.  Although there are some problems with  
5.0, and hopefully fewer with 5.1, many of us are compiling from  
master.  So - let's start with some additional information.  What  
versions of libofx and aqbanking do you have installed?  What versions  
of gcc and cmake, although those are not likely to be an issue.  Also,  
start with a completely clean build directory, and see if you still get  
the same CMake output.  Do you get the same result from the 5.0.0 or  
5.0.1 tarball?  What's the last successful version you have compiled?


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