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Sat Mar 3 16:45:47 UTC 2018

Just as an update. I identified the cause for my computer locking up. Turns
out to be a KDE Desktop wallpaper component I had enabled and not KMM.

I have continued to use since I have not been able to get 5.0 to
compile on my box. I am still seeing the 6 per manual entry insert/update
via ledger and I have been able to time the OFX import process more
accurately with my normal use to approximately 1 minute per processed
entry. Also it is taking about 16 sec to combine entries entered via OFX
update and my manual entry when I select them and click on "Match". I can
sort of deal with the delay for manual entry if I have to but I can't
always update my account via OFX on a small increment of time routine. I am
starting to thinking that will need to make OFX account updates as batch
operation that run over night. Is there anything I can do to speed up this

On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 4:28 AM, Tony Bloomfield <tonyb.lx at>

> As the original developer of the DB interface, I'm interested in this
> thread. I had a similar problem to the OP when I tried 4.8 under
> Windows, but when I tried looking a bit at the code, I found it had
> changed so much since I was last involved, and unfortunately didn't have
> much time available to try relearning!
> But as a general point, the original design tried to distinguish between
> application version updates and database version changes (though
> normally these would go step in step). To this end, the kmmFileInfo
> table contains a 'version' and a 'fixlevel' column; IIRC, the former
> indicated the database version and the latter corresponds to the
> application version. If the database layout changes in any way, the
> database version number should be updated. When an existing  database is
> opened, the database manager should detect the change in version and
> create/delete/alter any tables/columns as required.
> As for naming a column 'order', I'm at a loss to understand how that
> worked, because I'm pretty sure that's a reserved word in all versions
> of SQL!
> --
> Cheers
> TonyB
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