[kmymoney] [Bug 338272] Payee deleted in target account upon modifying account of multiple transactions

Ralf Habacker bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Wed Jan 17 00:11:34 UTC 2018


--- Comment #6 from Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at freenet.de> ---
(In reply to BobSCA from comment #3)
> The problem does not involve splits (as in a sum composed of multiple
> sources).
> I am simply attempting to assign to more than one transaction a single
> account (as might occur in a transfer of funds between two accounst). I've
> recently found that the problem also occurs when assigning to more than one
> transaction a single category. 

I retested this with 4.8.1 and it works as expected.

(In reply to BobSCA from comment #0)
> If I select multiple transactions in Account1 which each initially have an
> unassigned account and change the category/account to Account2 then they
> appear in the Account2 ledger with no payee. In the Account1 ledger they
> continue to appear as expected with the correct payee. In my test case, the
> problem was reproducible only with imported transactions and not with
> transactions that entered manually.

To check if the issue is also fixed a minimal ofx file containing two or more
transactions is required. 
Unfortunally there are several variants to create such an ofx file and it may
not trigger the issue, if it is still present.

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