new problem with 5.0 - it doesn't think mapped accounts are mapped

Jack ostroffjh at
Mon Jan 15 15:54:10 UTC 2018

Hello Thomas,

On 2018.01.15 02:45, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> On Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018 18:35:14 CET Jack Ostroff wrote:
>> I just recompiled from the 5.0 branch, and there is a problem with  
>> the online mapping.  None of my mapped accounts show as mapped.   
>> However, if I click the Account menu, I see "Unmap account" enabled,  
>> and "Map account" is disabled.
> This could be caused by KMyMoney not finding the plugins. In case you  
> run from console, you get a list what is found. Here's as example how  
> I see it:
I get about the same list as below
> WebConnect: Try to connect to WebConnect server
> WebConnect: Connect to server failed
> WebConnect: Running in server mode
> Plugins: csvexporter loaded
> Plugins: csvimporter loaded
> Plugins: gncimporter loaded
> Plugins: icalendarexporter loaded
> Plugins: kbanking loaded
> Plugins: kbanking pluged
> Plugins: ofximporter loaded
> Plugins: printcheck loaded
> Plugins: qifexporter loaded
> Plugins: qifimporter loaded
> Plugins: reconciliation report loaded
> Plugins: weboob loaded
> Cost center model created with items 0
> Payees model created with items 0
> reading file
> start parsing file
> startDocument
> reading securities
> endDocument
> Start loading splits
> Loaded 3216 elements
> Loaded 28 elements
> Loaded 3245 elements
OT: what is the server WebConnect is trying to access?  Is it something  
old I've forgotten about, or a more recent change?

All the expected plugins say they are loaded.  (I don't have those last  
three "Loaded..." lines, but they certainly don't look critical.)

> Second check would be to see if they are listed and enabled in the  
> settings dialog.
Yes, all are present and checked.
>> The first time I ran this version, I got a crash on trying  
>> Account/Edit, but that was one time only, with no repeat crash.  
>> (recomipiled twice, to see if there was a problem from a previous  
>> compile.)  I'll try one more clean compile if I have the time.
> I think this is more of an installation issue based on my own  
> experience during the past couple of weeks.

I'm going to be away from home for several days, so I'll just let this  
sit for now, and try again when I get back next weekend.


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