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Thomas Baumgart thb at
Thu Jan 11 20:45:59 UTC 2018

Hi Brendan,

On Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018 13:22:02 CET Brendan Coupe wrote:

> I have been compiling from the 4.8 branch since the master was changed to
> KF5 for development. Before that I compiled from master branch.
> Can you explain the difference between the master branch and the 5.0 branch
> moving forward and recommend which one I should use in the future?

The 5.0 branch is the KF5 stable branch for release. Master is for 
development. Currently, 5.0 is a bit ahead of master by a few fixes. I want to 
merge them back at some point in time (maybe over the weekend). So for now 
they are similar. If you want to follow the development of new features stay 
on master. In case you want a stable version stay on 5.0.

> Thanks. I'm looking forward to switching over to the KF5 version.



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