No crash, but other (minor) issues: was: new crash on launching git master

Jack ostroffjh at
Mon Jan 8 23:00:39 UTC 2018

On 2018.01.07 15:50, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> Jack,
> On Sonntag, 7. Januar 2018 15:13:26 CET Jack wrote:
> [...]
>> Thanks.  My big problem now is that because I generally forget to  
>> "make uninstall" before I start a new compile, the area where I  
>> install all my test versions is very cluttered with files that are  
>> no longer created, and many of them cause console errors, which are  
>> probably meaningless, but are certainly annoying.  I can't totally  
>> clean out that area, since I have some other test apps installed  
>> there also.  I either need to be more careful to use "make  
>> uninstall" or perhaps create separate areas for each app I'm testing  
>> in this manner.
> Ha, you're not alone with this. It happens to me all the time. In  
> case you forgot to uninstall but notice it before you do another  
> install you can do this in the top build directory:
>   cat install_manifest.txt | xargs rm
You need to do this before you do the "make" or it will try to remove  
all files from the newly compiled version.  My problem was due to NOT  
removing files from an older version that are no longer created (or  
created in different directories) by the new version.  I suspect MOST  
of those are harmless, but based on some of the output I've seen, old  
plugins can cause problems (or just nasty output) if they fail to load  
because of changes in the whole plugin system.  As I said - nothing to  
actually crash the program (that I've found yet) but enough error  
messages to not want to trust things as is.
> If you install into system dirs you might have to run this as root.  
> Plus, I have to install in /usr to make things working (don't do this  
> environment stuff). When I rerun cmake, something the install path is  
> setup with /usr/local and then things go strange as well. Plus, on my  
> openSUSE system the default KDE_INSTALL_PLUGINDIR is not correct, so  
> I have to set this as well. Just recently I had to remove all sorts  
> of *printcheck* files and directories to clean things out.
For me, only distro installed stuff goes in /usr.  Some of my own  
compiles go in /usr/local.  However, testing versions of KMM go into  
either ~/KDE/install/ or ~/KDE/installframe/ and I have scripts set up  
to make it all work without stomping on any system versions.


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