Release plan for KMyMoney 5.0

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Wed Jan 3 13:06:11 UTC 2018

Thomas Baumgart ha scritto:
> Dear KMyMoney community,
> after a very long time, the development team is about to start the release 
> cycle for the first release of KMyMoney based on KF5.  Various reports show us 
> that people are already using the master branch in their production 
> environment, as several team members have also done for at least a few months.

Hi, thanks for the notice.

> 2018-01-05: Create new stable branch 5.0 and inform kde-i18n-doc
>             Code freeze on 5.0 (only bug fixes from now on)
> 2018-01-12: String-Freeze on 5.0 branch (ready for screenshots)
>             "What's new" page must be finished too

Given this plan, I think that we can safely start tracking the 5.0 branch only
after this last point (12th) and not at the branching time (in two days from now).


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