Release plan for KMyMoney 5.0

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Wed Jan 3 07:29:11 UTC 2018

Dear KMyMoney community,

after a very long time, the development team is about to start the release 
cycle for the first release of KMyMoney based on KF5.  Various reports show us 
that people are already using the master branch in their production 
environment, as several team members have also done for at least a few months.

So, the upcoming weeks will be taken up with testing and fixing anomalies.  It 
will also give the translators time to update their work, although the current 
state is already very promising (see
po/kmymoney.po/).  A string freeze will begin soon.

On the documentation front, we can build on the existing work.  Since the 4.8 
release, there have been few significant changes which would require major 
changes to the Handbook, although there are numerous areas suitable for small 
adjustments or improvements.

2018-01-05: Create new stable branch 5.0 and inform kde-i18n-doc
            Code freeze on 5.0 (only bug fixes from now on)
2018-01-12: String-Freeze on 5.0 branch (ready for screenshots)
            "What's new" page must be finished too
2018-01-26: Finish Release Notes compilation
2018-02-02: Finish documentation (English) and UI translations
2018-02-03: Tarball creation and tagging for 5.0.0
2018-02-04: Release time for 5.0.0

Beforehand, we will release the Alkimia library in version 7.0.0. Since this 
is a UI free library there is no translation involved. This library is a pre-
requisite for KMyMoney 5.0.

We know that this plan comes with a short notice, but we decided to not 
postpone a KF5 release any longer. In case you see a severe problem with the 
above mentioned timeline, please let us know.



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