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I forward this message which was eaten by the KDE filters before it had a 
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Subject: Re: looking to contribute (Mike Harris)
Date: Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018, 05:52:43 CET
From: Michael Harris <mike.a.harris at outlook.com>
To: kmymoney-devel at kde.org <kmymoney-devel at kde.org>

I ran doxywizard on the kmymoney repository and it gave me a very rough 
overview of everything.

I'm wondering since you do documentation (is that just khelpcenter or API 
documentation?) how up to date the comments that doxygen pulls from are?

If you want me to I can comment everything so it's doxygen friendly and that 
might help me understanding everything better at the same time.

Best Regards,
Mike Harris



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